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Healthy & Tasty The Health Festival Weekend happened on November 28 – 30 at the AIIAS campus. It reminds those on campus that health is an essential part of life and often taken for granted. It is a way for the public health to put their studies into practical application, while fulfilling their goal of promoting a healthy and safe lifestyle on campus and influencing the communities around AIIAS to do the same. The festival was first organized in 2010 and has happened every year since.

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cultural-indiaThe AIIAS Student Association (SA) hosted the 2014 cultural night themed “Hospitality Beyond Borders” on November 16, 2014. The current student body is representative of 78 countries and some countries join together in communities. Various countries and communities show pieces of their home culture through song, dance, and/or short plays.

The audience while sitting in their seats were able to travel the world, be welcomed by people from all over, and get a taste of each culture represented.

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David J TanDavid J. Tan, a prominent Adventist retired businessman, held a seminar entitled “Brainstorming for Out-of-the-Box Ideas and Unity” on Friday, November 7, 2014, on AIIAS campus. 

Through his many years in business, Tan has developed a successful method for analytical (right) brained individuals to use their creativity (left) brain to develop their business. This method was shared during the first phase of the seminar. 

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Seminary Dean

The three-day 17th AIIAS Annual Theological Forum themed “Asian Faces of Adventist Mission” was held on AIIAS campus from October 30 – November 1. Each year the forum brings scholars as well as church workers from national and international destinations to discuss relevant topics. This year, the 220 attendees were theology students, pastors, professors, and ministerial directors.

The 17th Theological forum allowed for a multi-cultural dialogue about the opportunities and challenges the Seventh-day Adventist Church faces in the mission field. The various perspectives of what characterizes Adventist mission in an Asian setting were discusses and acknowledged. 

15th AIIAS International Conference on Business, Education, and Public Health PDF Print E-mail

Breakout SessionOn October 20 – 21, 2014, 216 professionals gathered for the 15th AIIAS International Conference on Business, Education, and Public Health themed “Connectedness: Human Relations, Learning, and Wellness.” The presenters included internationally-known scholars, faculty members from AIIAS, and graduate students. Dr. James Tucker from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Dr. Jimmy Kijai from Andrews University graced the ocassion as the keynote speakers. 

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