Unless otherwise stated all figures are in Philippine Peso.

Regular MA semester unit 3,600.00
PhD-R/Dmin/DMiss/EDS/PhD-EA semester unit 5,160.00
PhD- Business per semester (full time) package fee USD1,932.00/USD966.00
PhD- Business part time (per semester unit) USD 230.00
Extended Registration (3 years) 50% of Tuition Fee
Auditing a class per semester unit 50% of Tuition Fee
Registration Fee (incl. Journals - Php 150) 2,280.00
Library Fee 2,565.00/1,282.00
Medical Clinic Fee 935.00/467.00
Information Technology Fee 5,775.00/2,887.00
Student Association Fee 1,386.00/693.00
Graduate School/Seminary Forum (second semester) 1,390.00
Application for admission by Filipino students 1,155.00
Application for admission by foreign students USD 50.00
Expediting admission fee (local) 1,055.00
Expediting admission fee (international) USD 50.00
Challenge Examination 30% of Tuition Fee
Software Fee for Statistics I & II, Biostatistics & Construction Scales & Survey Information 2,965.00
Change of program/subject 1,075.00
Computer Laboratory (computer course related) 4,020.00
Use of Computer Laboratory per hour 105.00
Continuing Education Unit 50% of Tuition Fee
Graduation fee (incl. alumni fee of P650.00) 5,397.00
Late Registration fee 1,530.00
Late Application Fee for graduation or CPC 1,450.00
Complete Withdrawal Tuition Refund:  
* up to 9 class hours 100%
* up to 18 class hours 50%
* over 18 class hours no refund
* the number of hours will be prorated for classes with other credit loading or for online classes+B9  
Special examination per subject 1,070.00
MA Thesis/Project continuation fee to 6 credits/3 credits tuition fee
Dissertation/Eds/Dmin Project continuation fee to 6 credits/3 credits tuition fee
Comprehensive examination fee equivalent to 3 credits
Comprehensive Preparation (PHD Religion) equivalent to 3 credits
Transcript fee (Regular after the first one) USD 10.00
Expedite Copy USD 15.00
Non-sponsored applicants from countries within the SSD/NSD (non-Filipino) USD 1,000.00
   Additional, for each accompanying family member USD 500.00
Non-sponsored applicants from countries outside the SSD/NSD SSD/NSD USD 1,800.00
   Additional, for each accompanying family member USD 900.00
Application Fee 1,725.00
English Language Proficiency Exam 1,275.00
English Tuition Fee for Level 1 21,500.00
English Tuition Fee for Level 2 23,110.00
English Tuition Fee for Level 3 23,110.00
English Tuition Fee for Level 4 23,110.00
Transition Class 17,750.00
Registration Fee 470.00
Library Fee per semester/intersemester 2,565.00/1,280.00
Information Technology per semester/intersemester 5,775.00/2,890.00
Registration Fee USD 20.00
Tuition Fee/Credit USD 170.00
G. HOUSING DEPOSITS (Refundable)  
Rental/Maintenance Deposit :  
   Family USD 700.00
   Single USD 315.00
Key Deposit - per key (Regular students) 370.00
Key Deposit (DLC students) 790.00
Family dormitory units:  
Unfurnished - dormitory Annex 6,195.00
Unfurnished dormitory A two-bedrooms, per month 10,245.00
Unfurnished dormitory B - C two-bedrooms, per month 9,245.00
Unfurnished dormitory D - E three-bedrooms, per month 11,450.00
Furnished dormitory A two-bedrooms, per month 13,000.00
Furnished dormitory B - C  two-bedrooms, per month 12,000.00
Furnished dormitory F two-bedrooms, per month 13,520.00
Furnished dormitory G two-bedrooms, per month 15,030.00
Furnished dormitory D - E three-bedrooms, per month 14,740.00
Furnished dormitory H - J three-bedrooms, per month 16,025.00
Furnished dormitory K - L three-bedrooms, per month 19,125.00
Furnished dormitory M - N three-bedrooms, per month 19,215.00
Furnished dormitory O - P two bedrooms, per month 11,500.00
Furnished dormitory P family unit, per month 21,100.00
Furnished dormitory Q two bedrooms, per month 12,500.00
Furnished - dormitory Annex 9,295.00
Guesthouse fee (Tower P) for DLC students including utilities per month 7,500.00
Dormitory fee for DLC students including utilities per month - single occupancy 6,100.00
Dormitory fee for DLC students including utilities per month - double occupancy 5,000.00
Dormitory Transfer fee:  
  Family unit 8,785.00
  Single unit 4,385.00
Water charge per Dormitory Unit 315.00
Car Garage per semester 475.00/237.50
Effective date: June 1, 2016  



  • All fees stated in Philippine pesos except those stated in the US dollars (USD)
  • All fees are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The intersemester rate, where applicable, is indicated after the semester rate.
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