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VOLUME 9.1 (2006)
Gerald A. Klingbeil  The Child's New Garb: JAAS between Continuity and Innovation  (pp.1-2)
Mathilde Frey The Sabbath Commandment in the Book of the Covenant: Ethics on Behalf of the Outcast  (pp. 3-11)
Gerald A. Klingbeil  The "Church" in the Old Testament: Systematic, Linguistic, and Metaphoric Perspectives (pp.13-33)
Aecio E. Cairus The Rich Man and Lazarus: An Apocryphal Interpolation (pp.35-45)
Noel C. Nadado &
Shawna Vyhmeister
Why Christians Convert to Islam: A Filipino Perspective (pp.47-70)
Kambale Wayitsye EZEKIEL 28:11-19 And The Possibility of Its Double Application (p.71)
A. Patrick Etoughe Transgression, Abominations, and Related Destruction In DANIEL 8 And 9 (p.71)
Diana Razmerita  The "Justice" Concept In The Book Of MICAH (p.72)
Edward Leonardo Manafe A Program Development on Training of the Jakarta Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists on Bible Teaching Strategies (p.73)
Shin Sun Chul   A Program Development on Training Junior Pastors of East Central Korean Conference on Disciple Making   (p.74)
Max Hart Wauran  Developing A Program for Increasing the Attendance at Prayer Meetings at the Tikala SDA Church, Manado (p.74)
Connally Hla  The Interpretation of Sun of Righteousness with Wings In MALACHI 4:2 (p.80)
Richard Apelles Sabuin Repentance in the Book of REVELATION  (p.81)
Chantal J. Klingbeil Cross-Cultural Paul. Journeys to Others, Journeys to Ourselves, By: Charles H, Cosgrove, Herold Weiss, and Khiok-Khng Yeo (p.79-82)
Mxolisi Michael Sokupa Cult And Character. Purification Offerings, Day Of Atonement, and Theodicy, By: Roy E. Gane  (p.82-85)
Emmer Chacon Inicios, Paradigmas y Fundamentos: Estudios Teologicos y Exegeticos En El Pentateuco,ed. By: Gerald A. Klingbeil  (p.85-88)
Gerald A. Klingbeil Palace and Temple. A Study of Architectural and Verbal Icons, By: Clifford M. McCormick (p.88-92)
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