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    AIIAS provides excellent, mission-oriented, highly competitive, global education at a great value. AIIAS offers opportunity for personal enrichment, spiritual development and preparation for ministry and service.

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    AIIAS offers distinctively Adventist education. Highly qualified, international faculty and students, and the global reach of internet-based technologies spells excellence and opportunity.

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    AIIAS is an institution of higher education which offers exclusively masters and doctoral programs. It consist of two schools, namely the Theological Seminary and the Graduate School. AIIAS has a long history of preparing leaders with quality international graduate education. 

Size / TowerUnfurnishedFurnishedSize
2 BEDROOM      
    Tower A, B, C PHP 9.755 /mo PHP 12.390 /mo 108 sqm
Tower F - PHP 12.390 /mo 108 sqm
Tower G - PHP 13.765 /mo 120 sqm
Tower O - PHP   9.450 /mo 68 sqm
Annex - PHP   8.850 /mo 120 sqm
3 BEDROOM      
Tower D, E  PHP 10,690 PHP 13.765 /mo  108 sqm
 Tower H, I, J  - PHP 14.675 /mo  120 sqm
Tower K, L, M, N   - PHP 17,435 /mo  120 sqm

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