Statement of Mission

To develop leaders through distinctively Seventh-day Adventist graduate education, excelling in spirituality, scholarship, and service.

Statement of Vision

A Christ-centered community of leaders with a heart for mission.

Statement of Goals

The goals of the administrators, faculty, and staff members of AIIAS are as follows:

Distinctively Adventist

  • Support the Seventh-day Adventist Church with graduates dedicated to the mission of the Church
  • Maintain a community of faith that nurtures a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Champion the teachings and lifestyle of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • Address crucial Church and world issues
  • Ground AIIAS scholarship in Biblical foundations
  • Engage every student and employee in outreach and witness    

Academic excellence

  • Offer programs of the highest academic quality
  • Employ outstanding and inspiring teaching faculty
  • Foster excellence in research and writing
  • Maintain the highest levels of academic and professional accreditation
  • Be recognized as an outstanding graduate institution among Adventist leaders around the world and within the Philippine higher education
  • Follow systems and procedures that ensure best academic practice 


  • Engage with community both on and off campus
  • Nurture appreciation of culture and the arts
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Mentor and support sister institutions

Essential supporting resources

  • Provide an exemplary graduate research library
  • Maintain quality physical plant and professional IT services
  • Employ and develop qualified and service oriented personnel
  • Provide financial support through student aid/scholarships
  • Generate Institutional financial support
  • Achieve optimum levels of program enrollment
  • Coordinate an active, supportive alumni organization
  • Provide outstanding support for human resources


  • Promote wise use of time, abilities, and resources as God’s stewards 
  • Establish appropriate expectations, standards and indicators for institutional performance and outcomes 
  • Practice assessment of all personnel, programs and functions using key performance indicators

Successful graduates

Produce graduates that:

  • Demonstrate excellence in their profession
  • Offer their lives for service
  • Contextualize knowledge and practical skills to meet local needs
  • Model the ideals of servant leadership
  • Positively influence and support the Church and community
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