The PhD in Business, with a specialization in Management, Finance, Human Resource Management, and Accounting, is a 66 credit doctoral program designed for high caliber and self-motivated students who wish to acquire top research, leadership and analytical skills in business. It is primarily designed for students seeking jobs in academia but it is also for professionals and consultants seeking to serve multinational companies, government agencies, financial institutions, consulting firms, and international agencies. The PhD program is accredited by the Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA) and by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAASCU).

Academic Advisor: KENNETH SWANSI, PhD

Goals for the Program

The program is designed to fulfill the AIIAS Mission by

  • Preparing competent, service-oriented business leaders who pursue excellence and are committed to fulfilling the Gospel Commission through business practice and/or in education.
  • Integrating faith and learning in the program curriculum.
  • Providing highly qualified faculty, facilities, resources and networking, all being conducive to more effective graduate learning.
  • Focusing on research and on syntheses of information to address societal problems. 
  • Developing in students a passion for self-directed life-long learning.

Doctoral Competencies

The graduates of this program will have the following competencies:

Doctoral Competencies
Theoretical and Philosophical Foundations To explore the theoretical and philosophical foundations of business.
Research and Publication Skills To contribute significantly to the body of business knowledge through research and publications.
Advanced Leadership and Management Skills To build higher orders (cross-functional, strategic, and transformational) skills in critical areas of leadership and management practice. 
Independent Learning Skills To become a self-directed learner driven by one's own intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, and spiritual quest.
Change Management Competencies. To enable students to be effective change agents within their professional and social sphere.
Professional Ethics. 

To inculcate a shared Seventh-day Adventist worldview that supports the integration of faith, excellence, and integrity with one's profession.

Teaching Skills. To prepare business professionals for roles in teaching through the study of current educational theory and practice.

When to Begin

Students who plan to take the full-time PhD in Business program on the main campus are advised to meet the required course sequences. The best time to start the PhD Business program is at the beginning of the semester (August) or the beginning of the second semester (January) in order to avoid scheduling problems and a delay in the completion of their program. All students should coordinate their arrival on campus with the Business Department (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Admission Requirements

All students must meet the following, in addition to the general AIIAS admission criteria:

  1. Hold a master’s degree, with a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or above.
  2. Have satisfactory work experience (normally three years), as certified by a letter from an employer. Students otherwise eligible for regular admission with less than three years of work experience may be admitted to the program, but will be required to enroll in Advanced Fieldwork in Business for a minimum of 3 credits per year (or fraction thereof) of lacking experience.
  3. Provide a statement (500-750 words), describing (a) why they desire to pursue a PhD in Business at AIIAS, and (b) the topic or topics they would like to pursue for their dissertation research.
  4. Meet the requirements of a selection interview by demonstrating readiness to undertake a doctoral program. The preparedness of a student for doctoral studies will be determined in terms of thinking skills, inquiring mind, self-directed learning, motivation, leadership potential, research aptitude and writing skills.
  5. Demonstrated English proficiency.


  1. Have a master’s degree in the business area or a minimum of 36-semester credits of graduate coursework in business.
  2. Provide evidence of preparation in each of the following areas:
    • Accounting
    • Management
    • Economics
    • Strategic Planning
    • Finance
    • Research Methods
    • Information Systems
    • Marketing
    • Academic Writing

The department will evaluate each student’s application and make the final determination as to whether a prerequisite has been met.

All students must demonstrate computer literacy upon entry into the program. Students deficient in any areas of computer literacy (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, reference management software, academic plagiarism checker, etc.) will be recommended to take appropriate self-study modules.


To be awarded the PhD degree in Business, a candidate must satisfactorily fulfill all the following requirements:

  1. Complete a minimum of 66 credits of graduate coursework according to the curriculum with a minimum GPA of 3.50.
  2. Successfully pass the comprehensive examination.
  3. Teach at least one business course while enrolled in the PhD program and receive evaluations for the class(es) that indicate there were effectively taught. The course could be a formal academic course, or alternatively some other form of professional training, or some combination of both, but the plan to meet this requirement must receive prior approval from the program committee.
  4. Write and defend a doctoral dissertation.
  5. Complete the Service Learning requirement.
  6. Demonstrate the acquisition of the Doctoral Competencies by building and presenting an e-portfolio.

The program committee will evaluate all students once a year. The committee will evaluate the student's doctoral competencies (e-portfolio), academic achievement, research activities, and overall professional growth for satisfactory progress. A student who receives more than one negative evaluation will be dropped from the program.

The total program duration is estimated as follows: 

Coursework 22-24 months
Comprehensives 3 months
Dissertation 12-18 months
Total 37-45 months


The curriculum of the PhD in Business degree is made up of 66 semester hours of coursework and research as follows:

Program Structure Credits
Business Core 21
Education Cognate 06
Emphasis 12
Research and Cognate 12
Dissertation 15
Total  66

 The total of 66 semester hours shall be completed as follows:

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Curriculum
Business Core     21 units
Complete the following seven courses
BUAD 730  Quality & Knowledge Management (3 units)
BUAD 778 Advanced Management Decision Tools (3 units)
BUAD 785 Leadership and Corporate Governance (3 units)
ECON 765 Advanced Economic Theory (3 units)
LEAD 890 Biblical and Ethical Perspectives of Business Issues (3 units)
MGMT 720 Management Thought and Philosophy (3 units)
MGMT 725 Change and Crisis Management (3 units)
Education Cognate     6 units
CHPH 872 Philosophy: An Adventist Perspective (3 units)
EDFN 515 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (3 units) 


Electives may be chosen from the specializations Management, Finance, HRM, IT or Accounting. Elective courses are chosen from the selected specialization in consultation with the academic advisor as follows: 

    12 units
Courses for Emphasis  
  Elective Course (3 units)
  Elective Course (3 units)
BUAD 793 Advanced Readings in _ (3 units) 
BUAD 895 Directed Research in _ (3 units)
*Consult the program director
Research Cognate     12 units
RESM 715 Advanced Statistics (3 units)
RESM 740 Qualitative Research Methods (3)

RESM 751/RESM 752

Applied Qualitative Research (3) or

Multivariate Analysis (3)

Dissertation     15 units
BUAD 897 Proposal Writing (3)
BUAD 898 PhD Dissertation (12 units)

66 units 


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