A brand new AIIAS flag was raised in a ceremony well attended by students, faculty, and staff at the AIIAS belltower on Thursday noon, Aug 25, 2016. 

The 15-minute flag-raising event started with the marching of color guards at the cue of the sounding bells. This was followed by the unfurling of the new flag and remarks on the history and significance of the new flag design.

“To my knowledge, AIIAS has never had an official flag design that was approved by the board until now,” said AIIAS President, Dr. Stephen Guptill. 

He noted that many efforts have been done in the past to make the logo in the flag visible at the same time maintaining an emphasis of the official AIIAS colors of green and gold. So far no design was attractive enough to display the logo in full colors.

The new AIIAS flag shows five horizontal stripes in colors moss green, gold, white, gold and moss green with the AIIAS logo placed at the central dominant white stripe.

The flag was designed be Dr. Guptill and later assessed by the office of the public relations. It was then shared with the faculty and staff for feedback. The administrative committee took an action and the AIIAS Board approved the new flag on March 7, 2016.

“Today and in the future we pray that those who look on this flag will be drawn to not only the values of mission of AIIAS, but to our God who is the reason for our existence,” concluded Dr. Guptill.

The flag was then hoisted by the color guards as the school song plays. To commemorate the ‘historic’ event, flag pins were gifted to attendees.



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