More than 250 educators, students, scholars, and practitioners gathered to share the role of innovative products, new technologies, latent markets, and new business models that have been changing the course of human progress and civilization.

“There is a fairly rich body of research that indicates that change is rarely made on an individual basis but it is with the social group that the implementation of new ideas is much more likely to occur,” stated Dr. William Green, Dean of AIIAS Graduate School.

The 17th AIIAS International Conference on Business, Education, and Public Health themed Embracing Disruptive Innovations: In Business, Education, and Health took place on November 16-17, 2016 at the campus of Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies in Silang, Cavite.

“Once in awhile we find new ideas or innovations that are disruptive in a sense that they disrupt existing products and services and create new mass markets,” said Dr. Kenneth Swansi, Chair of the Executive Organizing Committee.

The conference featured some distinguished speakers who have been recognized because of their research. The theme, “Embracing Disruptive Innovations”, present ideas that would oblige a person to rethink the way things are commonly done and also the underlying principles behind it.

Dr. Michael Kafferky, keynote speaker, author, and the Ruth McKee Chair for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics in Southern Adventist University, Tennessee, affirmed, “An opportunity awaits us for a whole different kind of evangelism: To realize the possibility of conversations about these dimensions about the character of God in and through our work.”

The forum was able to address how disruptive innovations are important in any field. It also showed the different ones that are currently taking place in the world of Business, Education, and Public Health.

“The AIIAS International Conference is always an opportunity to bring together scholars and practitioners who share their expertise which enable those of us who attend to grow academically and professionally,” says Dr. Stephen Guptill, AIIAS President.

“I like this forum because it taught me how to improve my skills and it has given me ideas on what to write about,” mentioned a student from the post-graduate level.

“This really made us think beyond the normal bounds we’ve set upon ourselves,” concluded Dr. Dolf Oberholster, AIIAS Vice President for Academics.


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