The happiness and excitement arose as students, faculty, young and old got together for a weekend of adrenaline-pumping sports and family fun, annually taking place in an event called the AIIAS Mini Olympics.

This year’s Mini Olympics was held on January 27-29, with the theme, Completing the Race. The weekend was graced with rain but that did not stop the games from happening. In fact, the cool weather made it quite suitable for players, too.

The AIIAS Community came with their colored shirts and cheering props. Everyone was anticipating the thrill brought about by games and a break from class work. The community was divided into four teams as represented by colors: Black, Blue, Gray, and Red.

The event was officially opened on the afternoon of January 26, 2017 following the Mini Olympic flame relay around AIIAS campus. “This torch symbolizes the spirit of sportsmanship that we all should carry in order for us to finish the race,” addressed Dr. Bryan Sumendap, AIIAS Vice President of Student Services, as he raised the flaming torch and lit the cauldron.

The Mini Olympics consisted of major games namely Basketball and Volleyball in Men and Women’s Division. There were also racket sports of Badminton, Lawn Tennis, and Table Tennis. For those who preferred mental stimulation over physical sports, there was a Chess game that challenged representatives from each team as well.

A marathon was held early morning on January 29 for both joggers and aspiring runners. An Olympic event is not complete without the Track & Field. As the crowd cheered from the sidelines, runners got on their marks, got set, and went! The cheers increased in volume as the runners neared and made it across the finish line.

“It was a beautiful experience, which brought excessive joy to the hearts of people. Fun was the main ingredient, and I'm more than grateful for the effort of the people to make this a memorable event for each one of us,” said Dodona Namoradze, team player and student from the AIIAS Academy.

Before the event ended, the teams joined together for a friendly game of Tug-of-War and Sack Race. During the closing ceremony, the Student Association made their remarks and announced the winning team of the Mini Olympics 2017: Team Blue, followed by Team Red, Team Black, and Team Gray respectively.

Photo credit: Grethel Barangan

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