AIIAS co-published a book about a topic that has profound significance for Adventist and Christian theology that features the works of outstanding scholars.

Earthly Shadows, Heavenly Realities: Temple/Sanctuary Cosmology in Ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, and Early Jewish Literature is a 367-page anthology about the heavenly sanctuary, published by Andrews University Press in association with AIIAS in 2017. The volume, includes chapters by 16 Adventist scholars and edited by Kim Papaiannou and Ioannis Giantzaklidis.

About the book:

AIIAS President, Stephen Guptill asserts that it “represents a fine academic work by some of AIIAS’ outstanding scholars together with authors from around the world.”

It has been noted that the realities of the sanctuary in heaven has been overlooked and this book provides unique perspectives on that theme.

“This may be the best collection of writing on this topic available anywhere,” concludes Guptill.

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