“You need the desire. You need a heart that beats for God. You need to learn the lesson that you can do nothing without God.” challenged Dr. Danny Rantung, the president of the Asia-Pacific International University, Thailand, during his commencement speech for the 101st AIIAS graduating class at the Siew Huy Auditorium, AIIAS, Silang, Cavite.

Dr. Rantung inspired the graduating class of 2017 by reminding them of God’s presence in their lives and the importance of following God’s way while serving Him. He motivated the graduating class to set their feet on the God’s path while he hones them for the highest calling.

The class of 2017 chose the theme, Modeling Christ: Honed for the Highest Calling for their graduation on March 10-12, 2017. The theme related to the class as they are called to serve, shine, and uplift Christ’s name after being instilled with Christ-centered education.

“We joyfully praise God for establishing these graduates. Enabling them to achieve this milestone in their lives. I am quite sure that these graduates will also do great things for the Lord and for their country,” said Dr. Stephen Guptill, AIIAS president, during his welcome remarks at the Commencement ceremony.

The speaker of the Baccalaureate program, Dr. Robert Folkenberg Jr, president of the Chinese Union Mission based in Hong Kong, urged the class to listen to the call of Jesus and to live a life consumed and defined by God’s kingdom. He describes that God calls each one to persevere so that the degree the class will gain will give a life full of purpose and meaning.

“You have come here to be honed for a call and that call is to live and preach the kingdom of God,” counseled Dr. Folkenberg. “I invite you to live fully committed lives for the King, the Lord Jesus Christ. Everyday when you wake up, wherever you are, it doesn’t matter what circumstance you’re facing. Be faithful to His call in your life--to live for the King and His Kingdom.”

The speaker during the Consecration program, Dr. Don Leo Garilva, former president of Mountain View College, reminded the graduates of the importance of the disciplines of Daniel that were modeled after Christ.

The graduating class consisted of 136 candidates from 37 countries--from all 13 world divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Three candidates earned graduate certificates, 125 earned master’s degrees, and 8 candidates earned doctorate degrees.

AIIAS is a graduate school that offers master’s and doctorate degrees in four main areas: Business, Education, Public Health, and Religion. It is operated by the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists. Our mission is to develop leaders through distinctively Seventh-day Adventist graduate education, excelling in spirituality, scholarship, and service to the church and society.

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