The AIIAS Board of Trustees and Constituency members visited the construction site of the newly built faculty housing duplexes during the final day of the meetings.

“We’re adding four units to our campus that are identical to some others. We’re looking forward to our larger families that we have on campus,” announced Dr. Stephen Guptill, AIIAS President.

Due to the increasing number of student enrollment and the opening of the new academic programs and emphases at AIIAS, the need of new faculty increased. The construction of the housing duplexes were voted by the AIIAS administration and board in order to have available housing for the incoming faculty.

A prayer of blessing and dedication was offered by Dr. Ella Simmons, Vice President of the General Conference and chair of the AIIAS Board.

Mr. Augie de la Paz, architect of the major building projects in AIIAS campus, shared construction details during the interior viewing of the houses. “The construction started in December 2016 and now it’s around 80% finished,” he said.

The two duplexes will cost a total of US$300,000 and are being funded by donations from the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, AIIAS alumni and friends, and from the capital funds of AIIAS.

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