Approximately 80 representatives of the AIIAS Alumni that are widespread along 77 countries attended the Homecoming Banquet with the theme Reconnect. Relive. Respond.

“I’d like to challenge you as graduates and as people who are on fire for the Lord to share, in some way, a part of what AIIAS instilled in you and part of the vision that AIIAS has for you,” proposed Dr. Stephen Guptill, AIIAS President. “God is using you in a powerful way and we praise God for that.”

On the evening of May 2, 2017, the attendees were able to reconnect with each other, relive memories during their years at AIIAS, and respond to the call to be leaders that represent the entire AIIAS Alumni family.

The president of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, Dr. Saw Samuel, shared a message about his impressions for AIIAS and how AIIAS has influenced to impact his personal life. “AIIAS taught us to learn to be diverse in nature but united in Christ’s mission... How we respond has an eternal implication. AIIAS has been playing a vital role for our church in accomplishing our mission... Each one of us are accountable to AIIAS who have called you to have skills in leading out in administration, education, business, healthcare, in ministry and missiology.”

A meal was shared with a spirit of collegiality. There were also a number of musical and cultural renditions by selected members of the AIIAS community. An election for the officers who will be representing the AIIAS alumni was done by the nominating committee and the Alumni Constitution and Bylaws were ratified prior to the end of the night.

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