The Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) Graduate School hosted a group of 300 scholars that attended the 18th AIIAS International Conference on Business, Education, and Public Health, known as the AIIAS iConference. The focus of this year's iConference was on the theme: Social Responsibility.

The 3-day conference on November 14-16, 2017 aimed to build proactive individuals and organizations that can create, embrace, and promote social responsibility.  Within three days, the participants were able to address issues and explore processes contributing to development, growth, and practical applications of social responsibility in order to make the world a better place to live in.

“The focus should be on how many problems individuals and organizations prevent or solve without any legal obligation, but rather from their own good will… Given that all are God’s children and created in His image, that it’s both a biblical principle and a moral duty to help those in need, it makes perfect sense for everyone and all organizations to focus on doing good in the community.” said Dr. Safary Wa-Mbaleka, faculty of the Education Department and iConference program committee chair.

Keynote speaker, Dr. Elissa Kido, is the director for the Center of Research for Adventist Education in La Sierra University, California, USA. The two keynote sessions entitled “The Science of Success” and “Are You a Multiplier or a Diminisher?” focused on building effective solutions through decision-making, worldviews, human relationships, and different processes that can contribute to either improve or worsen life in today’s society.

Presenters of the international conference consisted of scholars and faculty from the AIIAS Graduate School, educators and researchers from local universities, as well as practitioners from around the world. Young students from the secondary level came to present their research during the breakout sessions as it has been included in their curriculum as well.

“I view this iConference as a significant learning opportunity and invitation. It is an opportunity for us as scholars and professionals from various walks of life to pause and step aside from our routine responsibilities and to take the time and effort to engage in thinking about a most significant theme for the well-being of society,” described Dolf Oberholster, AIIAS vice president for academic administration.

AIIAS develops leaders through distinctively Seventh-day Adventist graduate education, excelling in spirituality, research, instruction, and service to the church and society. The Graduate School develops service-oriented professionals known for integrity and scholarship in the fields of Business, Education, and Health within an international context.

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