The Health Festival Weekend was led by a team of students from the AIIAS Public Health Department, together with the support of the AIIAS Church Health Ministries Department, with a theme that was focused on addressing the urgency of the poor lifestyle habits among individuals of all ages.

The team encouraged communities and families to “take control” of lifestyle habits and practices through activities that promoted continuous practices for lifestyle change through a 10-week program. With the initiative of the Public Health Department, the community was reminded of the health practices that should be continued, not only annually, but on a daily basis–with incorporation to the usual routine for well being.

A three-day celebration for the participants that took part in the weekly activities was held on November 24-26, 2017, commemorating the improvement that they experienced throughout the whole duration of the Health Festival.

A potluck took place at the AIIAS Gymnasium with international dishes prepared by the community. The dishes were purely vegetarian, nearly raw in the simplest form, and had a minimal amount of sugar and oil. Amongst those were different types of rainbow salads–a palatable fresh salad mixture of various colorful vegetables in their uncooked state. Participants contributed testimonies about the health practices that have applied on a regular basis.

Exercise was also exhibited through the form of games during one of the evenings. The Sunday morning Pathfinder Fun Run culminated the weekend activities. The activities opened the way for the integration of new lifestyle practices and encouraged participants to “take control” of their well-being.

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