The second AIIAS Week of Prayer highlighted the importance of recognizing God's love and His character in an academic setting where people can be overwhelmed by different needs and priorities.

“If you put God in the center of your lives, He will provide what you need,” said Dr. Artur Stele, a general vice president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church world headquarters.  

“Once you have seen what He is offering in exchange, you will be willing to give everything.” Stele further explained how the love of God in the context of the sanctuary and investigative judgement is all about God's intention to restore one’s fellowship with Him.

“Dr. Stele offered some fresh perspectives of God's character,” said Bryan Sumendap, AIIAS vice president for student services. “He shared how the father of the prodigal son of Luke 15 ran a long distance, out of the city, through the gates, and past the fields to meet his lost son even though dignified men in those days never ran but always walked slowly and stately.”  

After knowing God, the next step is to act. “Follow the lamb,” appealed Stele. “He will never disappoint you.”

Echoing the same theme of discovering how God will reveal himself to those who seek Him, Dr. Galina Stele, the research and program evaluation manager at the office of Archives, Statistics and Research. She shared insights from the story of the woman who was healed after touching Jesus’ garment. Stele further shared her own seemingly impossible love story as a testimony of God's abiding love.  

This Week of Prayer was held on January 6-11, 2018 at the AIIAS campus with morning and evening sessions. AIIAS was privileged to have the Stele’s, a husband-wife team of speakers.

Photo credit: Gandhi Gandees 


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