Today, October 31, 2018, marks a significant time for the AIIAS African Theological Association (AATA) as it had just launched its website 

"AATA has launched its website to make sure that we make our global presence tangible. So today, we are following the saying of John Naisbitt "think globally, act locally." As we do our activities here at AIIAS and locally, we want to make sure that there is global presence. The AATA will be known through our website, informing people of all our activities, our association's officers, mission, and journals." remarked Pastor Sanned Lubani, AATA President 2018-2019. Lubani also introduced the mission statement, vision, motto, and core values of the association in his speech.

Scholars around the world can now learn more about the association, discover reports about its academic exercises, and have access to the journals published from the annual AATA forums.

"This event is truly a blessing for the African community and I believe it's also a blessing for the world. It gives us a privilege to participate in the great mission of digging and searching the Bible and presenting very important theological issues and other various issues for the continent and for the world. I praise God for the support of AIIAS," said Pastor Stkesworth Shadeed, Doctor of Ministry student from Ethiopia.

Dr. Dolf Oberholster, AIIAS vice president for academic administration commented, "The AATA website launch is very impressive. I can see AATA has now become an adult organization. It is grown up from infancy to toddler to teenager, but now it is an adult and it's impacting a large number of people across the continent of Africa and beyond. The AIIAS administrators are very proud of them."

Announced was the call for paper for the upcoming 14th AATA Forum happening March 27-30, 2019. The theme for the conference will be focused on "The Bible and Culture: An African Perspective". Scholars from biblical, theological, applied, and related disciplines are encouraged to submit proposals to be considered for presentation during the forum.

Abstract Submission Date: On or before December 31, 2018

Full Paper Submission Date: On or before February 28, 2019

Send your proposals via email to AATA Intellectual Affairs Director, Oswell Dzvairo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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