Speaking at the 103rd AIIAS Commencement, Dr. Raquel Korniejczuk, academic vice president of Montemorelos University on Sunday delivered a powerful message on the transformational aspect of education.

The graduates were urged to rebuild lives as educators, leaders, and advocates in God’s ministry and to decide on which path to follow to make right transformation.

“Education is a transforming experience—transforming for self-destruction of the person or to accomplish the mission with joy. The difference lies on how you and I relate with God,” challenged Korniejczuk.

Korniejczuk also emphasized that the class chose two powerful words, “rebuilding” and “eternity” that proves to be useful and valued in Education. “For a positively transforming experience, the starting point is a personal and intimate relationship with God,” she stated. 

The practical side of rebuilding for eternity 

The theme, “Rebuilding for Eternity”, was chosen by the class reflecting on how God has modeled a new character in each of them. Going a step further, the class decided to demonstrate how the theme can be applied to the different academic fields.

On Friday evening, the class took turns explaining the practical side of the theme in connection to their academic discipline. As they do so, a handmade 3D puzzle replica of a church building was erected portion by portion illustrating their commitment to ‘rebuild’ lives in God’s service using the skills learned at AIIAS. 

Drs. Samuel and Prema Gaikwad, faculty of the AIIAS Graduate School Education Department spoke during the consecration service on Friday about gratitude to God and about pressing on toward goals. “Looking ahead there are challenges, but God is with us. Do not fear to stand alone because you are facing God and you are following the principles of the Bible,” they concluded. They have been chosen as class sponsors.

Never ignore the little things

During baccalaureate service, the graduates learned the value of small days and small things according to Dr. Richard Sabuin, Education director and Sabbath School and Personal Ministries for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Northern Asia-Pacific Division.

“You will experience challenges and many days of hopelessness but remember the small things, the weak and lowly things, those things when placed in the hands of a powerful God will become victorious,” encouraged Sabuin. The class responded that they will rely not on their might, but on God’s leading. 

AIIAS Alumni is shaping the world

AIIAS congratulates the graduates for successfully achieving a milestone in their lives at the same time welcomes them in to the alumni association. “Being part of the AIIAS alumni association is both a privilege and a responsibility,” says AIIAS Administrator of Public Relations, Bruce Sumendap. He urged them to stay connected to one another and to the alma mater.

The alumni community of AIIAS have taken various leadership responsibilities around the world.

“AIIAS has an impressive list of notable people who have graduated from here and our graduates are also going to make significant great accomplishment for the service of God, their countries, and communities,” remarked Dr. Stephen Guptill, AIIAS president.

The Class of 2019 consisted of 123 graduates who participated in the 103rd Graduation Ceremonies on March 8-10, 2019. These 123 graduates came from 34 countries, representing 11 world Divisions of the Adventist church, and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Union. Seventy-eight were students from AIIAS campus, 38 from Distance Learning Centers, and 7 were from the AIIAS Online Division of Learning. 

AIIAS is a graduate-level institution that offers master’s and doctorate degrees in four main areas: Business, Education, Public Health, and Religion. It is operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church world headquarters.

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