AIIAS is pleased to announce the arrival of the new dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Danny Ivan Rantung and family.

Rantung hails from Indonesia. Prior to accepting the call at AIIAS, he served as the president of Asia Pacific International University in Thailand. He has also served as education director of Southeast Asia Union Mission in Singapore and as associate director of education in the Southern Asia Pacific Division. He has spent 19 years working in Universitas Klabat, Indonesia. He has a PhD in Business majoring in Commerce degree from the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines in 2003, and a Master of Business Administration major in Accounting from the University of LaVern, California, USA in 1993.

His wife, Nouke Sysca Oroh, is serving in the AIIAS Finance Department as a receiving cashier and receptionist. She previously worked as a teacher and librarian at Asia Pacific International University. She has an MBA degree from AIIAS and a Master of Business Administration degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Santo Tomas.

They are blessed with two adult children who are currently residing in Indonesia and one child, Graceline, 2.

Rantung is taking the place of Dr. William Green, former dean of the AIIAS Graduate School.

The Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) is a General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists institution that offers exclusively postgraduate education in four main areas: business, education, public health, and religion.

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