The AIIAS Academy (AA) held a Nutrition Month Celebration with the theme of “Healthy Family, Happy Community” in the AIIAS Gymnasium on July 26, with the hopes of promoting health.

July was designated as Nutrition Month by Presidential Decree No. 491, which was signed by then-president, Ferdinand Marcos, on June 25, 1974. AA held this Nutrition Month Celebration with the aims of promoting the importance of nutrition and creating greater awareness. AA’s students, teachers, friends, and families attended the program.

With the purpose of Nutrition Month in mind, AA staff integrated fun activities and games. The games center around eating right and having a nutritional diet. Students participated in activities such as eating a hanging apple without using arms, making posters that promote health, and other games that let the students have fun while learning about nutrition. 

“It was a fun, healthy learning experience that brought the students, teachers, and parents together,” affirmed Sir Shekel Sibala, a teacher of AA. The celebration didn’t only encourage students to participate, but also engaged parents and teachers.

At the program’s closing, AA students held a food sale that was composed of healthy foods and drinks. The sale allowed the students to find easy, fun ways to make nourishing meals, showing how accessible a good diet is. At the sale’s end, teachers of AA gave away free fruits for students and families.

AA held a picture booth at the entrance of the gymnasium, letting the attendees take pictures for the event. The booth allowed attenders to keep a remembrance of the experience.

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