AIIAS classes for on-campus students will continue to be offered remotely through synchronous learning over the internet for the entire 1st Semester 2020-2021. This restriction is due to COVID-19 as determined by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) for all colleges and universities in Region IV of the Philippines where AIIAS is located.

The course schedule for the 1st Semester remains unchanged. Courses will continue to be taught remotely (i.e., through distributed learning) using faced-based synchronous learning over the internet.  This modality does not require the physical presence of students on the AIIAS campus and will be used until December 2020. From January 2021 it is expected that CHED will permit face-to-face classes to physically meet again. 

On-campus students, who are not currently residing at AIIAS, are encouraged to come to the AIIAS campus at least a week before registration for 2nd Semester which takes place on Jan. 5, 2021 since face-to-face classes are projected to resume 2nd Semester. However, it is strongly recommended that you come to the AIIAS campus as soon as practically possible since it provides a conducive study environment where students can focus on their studies, and where the best support and resources are available. Remember to coordinate your arrival with the Admissions Office.

Thank you for taking note that remote classes for on-campus students will be extended until December 2020. 

Dolf Oberholster, PhD
VP for Academic Administration
September 9, 2020

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