Research resources for download.

Research Students and Advisors
Topic Request PDF|DOC
Proposal Approval PDF|DOC
Semester Report of Research Progress PDF|DOC
Defense Document PDF|DOC
Guest Professor Approval PDF|DOC
Application to Conduct Research PDF|DOC
Topic Concept Form for Thesis and Dissertation PDF|DOC
AIIAS Graduate School Research Agenda PDF
All Researchers
ERB Approval Process Chart 2016 PNG
AIIAS Code of Ethics 2016 PDF
ERB Guidelines 2016 PDF
Ethics Review Application PDF|DOC
Sample Informed Consent (Qualitative) DOC
Sample Informed Consent (Quantitative) PDF|DOC
ERB Checklist DOC
ERB Schedule of Meetings AY 2020-2021 PDF
APRC Application
APRC Funding Application PDF|DOC
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