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Southern-Asia Pacific Division (SSD)

The offices of the Southern-Asia Pacific Division (SSD) are just a 3-5 minute drive from AIIAS. SSD is the headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Southern-Asia Pacific region and is one of 13 regional divisions. Countries included in this region are Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, and islands of the Pacific. The Seventh-day Adventist Church operates in 203 countries using 717 languages with a world membership of almost 13 million. The name "Seventh-day Adventist" highlights two of the distinguishing characteristics of this Christian denomination. "Seventh-day" refers to the day of the week, Saturday, on which Adventists worship God as instructed throughout the Bible. "Adventist" refers to the hope Seventh-day Adventists have in Jesus' soon return to this earth.

1000 Missionary Movement (1000MM)

The campus of the 1000 Missionary Movement is only a 7-10 minute drive from AIIAS. Dedicated church members come here from around the world to train for missionary service in countries such as Korea, India, Indonesia, Russia, and the Philippines, to name a few.

Adventist University of the Philippines

The Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) is about a 30 minute drive from AIIAS. AUP offers various undergraduate degrees and some graduate programs. There is also a high school on the campus. Known formerly as Philippine Union College, AUP is one of the oldest Adventist educational institutions in Asia and the first Adventist university in the Philippines.



Just around 15 minutes drive, you can reach Tagaytay City. Visit Tagaytay city, a pleasant city, the home of Taal Volcano, which is reputed to be the world's smallest and yet most active volcano. It stands on its own island amidst a landscape of ash and cinder. The breathtaking views of Taal Volcano and lake is a must see for everyone visiting Philippines.

Aside from the volcano, the city also has many site attractions such as Tagaytay Zoo, Picnic Grove, People's Park, and a horse riding park. From McDonalds to Japanese Cooking, you can enjoy dinner with your family or friends while enjoying the cool breeze of Tagaytay and the views of Taal Volcano.

Tagaytay City, located 2,500 feet above sea level, enjoys a cool and invigorating climate characterized by a relatively low temperature, low humidity, and abundant rainfall. The average temperature is 22.7 degrees Celsius. For this reason, Tagaytay, with its cool weather, balmy winds, and foggy mists is called the "second summer capital" of the country, after Baguio City.

Enchanted Kingdom

Around 30 minutes drive (near AUP), you can find Enchanted Kingdom, a perfect place for family entertainment. This Disney-like playground is equipped with various rides from 11- storey space shuttle to grand carousel, which will surely give you amusement and enjoyment at an affordable entrance fee. Aside from the rides and attraction, one can enjoy some shows and fireworks.

Splash Island

A water park, Splash Island is around 30 minutes drive from AIIAS which provides another entertainment park for family and friends. Open on summers only, the park, with affordable entrance fee, provides an enjoyment to everyone during the hot season. Available at the water park are various kinds of slides to bring excitement and fun for the people.

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