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Executive Summary

  • The year 2011 was an excellent year for the General Conference: global tithe increased by more than 11 percent. Some of the increase can be traced back to stronger currencies around the world, but most of it comes from more faithful tithing.
  • Brazil continues its forceful rise by adding $87 million in tithes in 2011, an increase of 25 percent. This comes after an increase of 29 percent in 2010. In 2003 it ranked 64 in 2003; it is at rank 14 in 2011. In that period, it went from 7.8 percent to 27.7 percent of TTP. Other countries in the southern cone show substantial improvements as well. As a result, the South American region shows an improvement of 25.6 percent in total tithe volume.
  • The West Central African region shows the greatest increase in tithes, year over year, with an improvement of 25.8 percent. Togo continues its rise and has achieved the 4th spot of the overall ranking, with a ratio of 41.5 percent. Ghana and Nigeria show increases of 39 and 29 percent respectively in their tithe volumes.
  • The United States increased its tithe by 3.9 percent, against a lackluster economy which grew by 1.8 percent. This was, however, not enough to improve its ratio, pointing to potentially inflated church membership rolls.
  • The Southern Africa Indian Ocean region (SID) shows an increase of 21.5 percent, with extraordinary rises in Zambia and Zimbabwe (+49 percent). Zimbabwe now occupies the 11th spot in the overall ranking with a ratio of 29 percent, right behind Australia and Portugal.
  • Looking now at a 10-year perspective, the GTI Report highlights a global improvement in tithe giving patterns in most regions of the world during that period. Exceptions are the Interamerican region, the Southern Asia and the Northern Asia Pacific regions where bloated membership rolls drag down the ratio. In the Southern African-Indian Ocean region, the improvement over 10 years is just shy of 500 percent. Former Soviet countries have also improved dramatically. The European region has consistently shown the highest level of giving overall
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