AIIAS Academy

An International School, AIIAS Academy (Grades K-12), operates on the AIIAS campus for the benefit of the children of faculty, staff, and graduate students. School-age children who do not know English are strongly advised to attend summer school classes in English as a Second Language (ESL) before entering the regular school-year program. These summer classes begin during the last week of March. All foreign students who are not covered by an AIIAS scholar 47(a)2 visa are required to secure a Special Study Permit (SSP).

Students who plan to attend college in the Philippines are encouraged to attend Philippine high schools, such as Adventist University of the Philippines Academy or Lipa Adventist Academy, after sixth grade. Those wishing to attend AUP Academy (26 km away), may use the public transportation available at the AIIAS front gate. Those not wishing to commute may take advantage of one of several Adventist secondary boarding schools available in the Philippines. 

Private arrangements must be made for tuition costs and/or for out-of-home care of preschool-age children. A playground for young children is central to the living quarters for married students on campus.