Research & Publications

Academic Bulletin

The AIIAS Academic Bulletin contain academic programs and course information. You can learn about programs, degree requirements and courses, admissions information, academic information and policies, and financial information.


AIIAS Expressions

AIIAS Expression is the official yearbook of AIIAS. This annual publication record, highlight, and record the past year of AIIAS.

Flags Magazine

Flags Magazine is the official magazine of AIIAS containing news, events, features, and upcoming information. Flags are published every March and October of the year.

International Forum

The International Forum (Info) is the official research journal of AIIAS Graduate School.

Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary

The Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary (JAAS) is the official research journal of the AIIAS Theological Seminary.

Student Handbook

The AIIAS Student Handbook contains information pertaining to AIIAS student life. It covers the code of conduct, student housing policies, campus policies and regulations, student organization, visa, and documentation.