Welcome to the 26th AIIAS Annual Theological Forum!

Theodicy: God's Justice in an Unjust World

November 9-11, 2023

AIIAS, Silang, Cavite, Philippines


This forum aims to explore the issues of God’s creation, evil, suffering, pain, and oppression; the struggle that we experience at one time or another in life with why evil happens to someone, either ourselves, our family, our friends, our nation, or perhaps some alarming instance.

This fascinating topic will be addressed from the biblical, theological-historical, and missiological perspectives.

About the Theme

This year’s forum theme is: “Theodicy: God’s Justice in an Unjust World.” Theodicy means ‘justifying God.’ In the philosophy of religion, a ‘theodicy’ is the argument that attempt to resolve the problem of evil that arises when omnipotent, omnibenevolence, and omniscience are all simultaneously ascribed to God. Theodicy is the vindication of divine goodness and providence, given the existence of evil.

Forum 2023 Booklet

The forum booklet contains the welcome pages, event schedule and speakers' bios.



Dr. Alberto R. Timm

Associate Director of Biblical Research Institute

Dr. Mxolisi Michael Sokupa

Associate Director at Ellen G. White Estate of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Dr. Eugene Zaitsev

Associate Director of Biblical Research Institute for the Euro-Asia Division, and Professor of Religion at Zaoksky Theological Seminary

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the focus of this year's forum?

The theme aims to explore the fascinating book of Psalms from biblical, historical, practical, and missiological perspectives.

How do I register?

You can register via this link: https://link.aiias.edu/seminaryforum2023

How much is the registration fee?

Students (Undergraduate)

PhP 1,300.00 – For early birds (on/before October 1)

PhP 1,500.00 – Regular Fee (October 2 – onwards)



PhP 2,000.00 – For early birds (on/before October 1)

PhP 2,200.00 – Regular Fee (October 2 – onwards)


Note: Only early bird registrants will receive a souvenir shirt. For regular or walk-in registrants, forum materials (and souvenir shirts) are first-come first-served.


For group registration, please write to seminary@aiias.edu.

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Karole Mercado
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Marianne Bergland

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If you are an on-campus and currently enrolled Seminary student, your registration fee is waived. Please register to be officially on the list.

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About the AIIAS Theological Forum

AIIAS Forum is an academic platform for pastors, theologians, elders, and anyone interested in theology. This is a program which encourages participants to exchange their ideas and experiences, and a bridge for them to make friends and foster cooperation.


The forum has grown from a training platform for Seminary students’ research presentation into a global community that tackles current issues in the areas of applied theology, biblical studies, and theological-historical studies. In recent years, the forum has adopted official statements that have shaped the direction of the Seventh-day Adventist church both in research and in practice.


Participants have enjoyed the fellowship and networking experience through this forum. Despite the circumstances, there is no holding back from yet another exciting forum this year on a crucial theme featuring an amazing lineup of speakers.