Scholarship Grants

AIIAS has several scholarship programs for worthy students, with differing criteria of eligibility. To avail of the scholarship grants, students must have completed 12 credits at AIIAS. Details and guidelines can be obtained from the scholarship committee chairperson, the student services office, or the respective officer after your arrival at AIIAS. 

Chan Shun International Foundation Scholarship – The Chan Shun AIIAS Academic Center that comprises of the five academic buildings in the AIIAS campus came about because of the generous, charitable donation, and vision of the late philanthropist Mr. Chan Shun for Asian scholars in the Asia Pacific region. In his memory, his son Mr. Tom Chan, through the kind, humanitarian assistance of Dr. Samuel Young, set up the Chan Shun Foundation and AIIAS Scholarship fund which makes it possible for numerous AIIAS students to realize their dreams to better serve the Lord’s vineyard. Application should be made to the executive secretary of the Chan Shun AIIAS Scholarship committee.

Gunawan Scholarship – Made possible by Mr. & Mrs. Gunawan, the funds are used primarily for business students only. It is applied once students commence the MBA program. Application should be sent to the Chair of the Business Department on or before May 1 of each year.

Minchin Scholarship – This is an endowment fund established by Mrs. Leona Minchin in honor of her husband Elder Gerald H. Minchin, for theology students only.

President’s Scholarship – An endowment fund initiated by former AIIAS president David Birkenstock in 1998 and contributed by its faculty, staff and members of the AIIAS Board.

Modehano/Melgosa Scholarship – This fund came from Mrs. Natividad Mohedano and Mrs. Natividad Melgosa, mother and sister of Dr. Julian Melgosa, former AIIAS president. It was set up in 2003 to financially assist students in any field.

Nancy Tsao Scholarship

AIIAS Alumni Scholarship

The Scholarship Committee generally meets three times a year during the semester and inter-semester breaks. Scholarship grant is limited and students need to apply. Some may have to go through an interview. Most of the scholarships require students to render assistantship. Scholarship funds donated by individual donors are distributed to students according to availability of funds.