Ethics Review Board

Ethics Review Board (ERB)

The AIIAS Ethics Review Board (ERB) provides an independent check to ensure that principles of ethical research are observed by faculty and students engaged in research at all stages of the research process. Such principles include but not limited to nonmaleficence and beneficence, informed consent, confidentiality and protection of data, and academic integrity.

ERB Submission Form

Upload your ERB Application for review.

ERB Submission Form

ERB Checklist

The ERB checklist helps in considering all aspects of the research ethics application in your study. It also helps to address concerns that might come up during the research.

ERB Checklist

Ethics Review Application & Guidelines

Complete the Research Application and Read the guidelines carefully. 

ERB Form in PDFERB Form in Doc

Sample Informed Consent

Informed consent is a voluntary agreement to participate in research.

Consent for a Qualitative StudyConsent for a Quantitative Study

Schedule of Ethics Review Board Meetings

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ERB Meetings AY 2022-2023

ERB Process