Research at AIIAS

The Asia Pacific Research Center (APRC) conducts scholarly research centering on funded research requested by the Adventist denomination and other entities, and providing quality research experiences for AIIAS graduate students.


Research is the heart of our institution. Whether your aim is to build knowledge or understand issues, support truths, or enjoy valuable information, APRC exists to assist you. Students, faculty, or anyone who is interested to engage in scholarly research will benefit from our services. The center also serves as a regional resource center for research instrumentation, including instrument development and validation for the Asia Pacific context. 


Finally, the center assists scholars, especially AIIAS faculty and graduate students, in designing and implementing research studies, focusing especially on the selection of appropriate instrumentation, population/sample questions, and advisement regarding data analysis and interpretation.

We are in the early stage of populating research information for you so please visit us from time to time. You may browse our resources and databases, or find out funding opportunities for your research or perhaps submit your paper at one of our international events.