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Online Degrees and Certificates

AIIAS online is open to all interested applicants who seek to pursue graduate degrees from a distance. Its Internet-based classes make learning more accessible, convenient, and flexible, allowing students to upgrade even while employed full-time.

Why Study at AIIAS Online

The strength of AIIAS Online is its Christian approach to education, well-designed courses, and international faculty that makes the blending of Western and Eastern educational systems possible. Our online students come from more than 60 different countries, bringing with them a variety of experience that enriches the class and provides a fertile environment for global networking.

Online Degree Programs

Master of Public Health

Health Promotion Emphasis; Nutrition Emphasis; 46 Credits to complete.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Curriculum and Instruction Emphasis; Educational Administration Emphasis; 58 Credits to complete.

Master of Arts in Education

Educational Administration Emphasis; Curriculum and Instruction Emphasis; TESOL Emphasis; 41 to 47 Credits to complete.

Master of Business Administration

Business Management Emphasis; 44 Credits to complete.

Master of Science in Administration

Church Administration Emphasis; Management Studies Emphasis; 38 Credits to complete.

Master of Divinity

72 Credits to complete

Master of Arts in Church Ministry

42 Credits to complete.

Online Certificate Programs

Online Learning the AIIAS Way

Virtual and Interactive Classes

Online learning utilizes the Internet to create virtual classrooms that provide instructional content as well as student-centered learning experiences. Course participants access course syllabi, announcements, and course materials online, while engaging in an array of interactive learning activities—such as online forums, videoconferencing, and team-based projects—that facilitate frequent student-teacher and student-student interaction.

Flexible Weekly Modules

Although class participants begin and end a subject together and progress through the major topics on a week by week basis, they are generally not required to be online at a specific time. Rather, students sign in and participate at times convenient to them, within the given time frame of the weekly course modules. Courses are generally structured for a duration of 9-10 weeks.

Varied and Contextual Learning Experience

Course requirements typically include a number of the following: readings, participation in class discussions, case studies, exercises, position papers, reports of fieldwork, collaborative projects, research activities, and examination. In addition, contextualized application of theories learned is supported as students fulfill course requirements in their workplace.

Future-ready for Global Networking

Online graduate programs at AIIAS Online utilize the richness of today's communication technology to enhance learning at a distance. This enables the student to widen professional linkages beyond geographic and cultural boundaries.


Courses in each degree program are offered one at a time for a maximum of five to six courses (of three credits each) per year. This is to allow you to concentrate more deeply on each subject area while fulfilling your professional responsibilities. Thus, it could take you 2.5 years to finish a 36-unit master’s degree.

There are 3 main fees: 
Application Fee ($51 -one time only); Tuition Fee ($177 per credit); Registration ($20 per registration).

Visit our Payment page for more information about payment option.

You will need a decent computer with internet connection. If you could see this website, chances are you could take classes with us.

Some software you will need:

  • An Internet browser
  • An word processor software.
  • PDF Reader

To become a student, please send us a completed application form which you can find on our Admissions Page.

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