Education Department

Reflective thinkers and life-long learners

The Education Department of AIIAS is a broad-based program, which includes theory, research, practice, service learning, and the integration of faith and learning. Our goal is to prepare Christian educators to be reflective thinkers and practitioners, who are committed to being lifelong learners to serve the needs of humanity. For over two decades, the Education Department has been producing competent leaders serving as teachers, professors, administrators, or curriculum specialists.

Global contextualization

You will find a unique experience here as you engage with international faculty, who facilitate global contextualization of Christian education, one-to-one mentoring, and timely completion of studies. Small class size, active learning,
technology integration, and classmates from around the world are just some of the things you will experience when you study at AIIAS.

Programs Offered


Master of Arts in Education (MA) with emphasis

Curriculum and Instruction

Educational Administration

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


Education Specialist (EdS) with specialization in

Curriculum and Instruction

Educational Administration


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) with specialization

Curriculum and Instruction

Educational Administration


Graduate Certificate in Education


Graduate Certificate in TESOL


The Education Department believes that:

  • Christian educators are agents of change and co-laborers with God in the redemptive and restorative work.
  • Christian educators should be reflective thinkers and practitioners, and lifelong learners who model the character of Jesus while capably serving the needs of humanity.
  • Based on the principles found in God’s Word, knowledge must be critically evaluated and applied to the field of education, integrating current research, and instructional technology.