Why choose AIIAS?

Distinctively Adventist

At AIIAS we champion the teachings and lifestyle of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Mission Oriented

Students and employees are engaged in outreach and witnessing activities.

Academic Excellence

AIIAS maintains the highest academic quality, highest accreditation level, and outstanding faculty.

Excellent Supporting Resources

Exemplary graduate research library with a collection of about 70,000 volumes means easier access to a growing gold mine of library resources.

Affordable Cost

All students enjoy the highest quality of education through the benefit of subsidy by the world church.

Alumni Impact

AIIAS alumni have become well-equipped leaders around the world committed to the church and its mission.

Exotic Location

Dive to undisturbed coral reefs, enjoy unspoiled tropical beaches, hike up a world-famous volcano, or shoot the rapids. All these activities can be enjoyed within a short distance from AIIAS campus.

2. Check your admissions requirements

Once you’ve selected your desired program, it’s time to look into the specific requirements to enter that program, these include prior experience, coursework, and other documentation.

3. Submit your application and related documents

As you start your application, think about who will be your reference, who you will contact to ask for transcripts, who referred you to AIIAS, and other details. After checking the admission deadlines and completing your application form, it’s time to submit your application.

4. Apply for housing

A housing form should be completed and submitted once the student is admitted to AIIAS (for students coming to the campus).

5. Paying for your studies

A graduate degree requires careful planning of your resources to cover your costs. There are many ways to do this such as looking for a sponsor, having personal savings, and applying to scholarships. By law, international students are not allowed to work while studying in the Philippines.

6. Receive your admission assessment and visa information

Once all admission requirements have been submitted, you can wait for a notification from the Admission and Records office. You will receive an admission assessment and program check sheet before the start of your study. All foreign students are advised to come on a 9(a) Visitor’s Visa, which is valid for a 59-day stay in the Philippines. AIIAS will assist you in processing the change of status from 9(a) visa to a 47(a)2 Scholar Visa.

7. Begin your journey as an AIIAS scholar

As you transition yourself to AIIAS, please check the class schedule, enroll in courses, move into your dormitory, enroll your children in the AIIAS Academy, or participate in one of our ministries.

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