Biblical Studies


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Department Administrative Assistant

Mission Statement

The Biblical Studies Department exists to develop competent leaders and scholars with a solid biblical foundation who exhibit clear scriptural thinking and practice relevant to the needs of a global church.

Vision Statement

The Biblical Studies Department envisions being a top choice by the global church for developing reliable biblical scholars and leaders who responsibly interpret the word of truth. 

Programs in connection with the Biblical Studies field

Master of Arts in Religion (MA-R), with concentration

          Biblical Languages

          Old Testament

          New Testament

Master of Theology (MTh), with concentration

          Old Testament

          New Testament

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), with concentration

          Old Testament

          New Testament

Areas of Research

Biblical Studies Department Faculty Areas of research expertise and interest:

Teofilo Correa, PhD
Old Testament

  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Inner Biblical Allusion – Intertextuality
  • The Book of Daniel
  • The Book of Isaiah
  • The Twelve
  • Protology and Eschatology
  • Mission

Leonardo Nunes, ThD
New Testament

  • Heavenly Sanctuary
  • Salvation
  • Discipleship
  • Mission
  • Biblical Theology
  • Hebrews
  • General Epistles
  • Pauline Epistles

Diana Razmerita,
DLitt et Phil candidate
Old Testament

  • Biblical Hebrew
  • Hermeneutics
  • Ancient Near East Literature
  • Biblical Archaeology

Hector Martin, PhD
New Testament

  • Biblical Typology
  • Narrative Analysis
  • Gospels
  • Johannine Epistles
  • Revelation
  • Eschatology
  • Salvation History

Kenneth Bergland, PhD
Old Testament

  • Literary Reuse
  • Hermeneutics
  • Pentateuch
  • Eschatology
  • Divine Revelation and Hiddenness
  • Ethics and Philosophy of Life
  • History of Ideas in Biblical Perspectives

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