AIIAS Continues to Offer Graduate School, Seminary, and K-12 Programs Online

AIIAS is pleased to announce that, in view of the current worldwide pandemic situation, all classes for the entire school year 2021-2022 will be offered in virtual face-to-face format, which means classes will meet together online. This unprecedented offering for the school year allows students anywhere in the world to join AIIAS’s professors and on-campus students for their learning experience. This includes the classes offered by the AIIAS English Center, for those who want to jumpstart their English language capabilities.


In addition, AIIAS Academy is offering its full K-12 program in virtual face-to-face format for the entire school year. This includes the English as a Second Language classroom experience for applicants accepted to that program.


It is expected that the ability to plan for the whole year will be welcomed by individuals who cannot move freely due to pandemic conditions, and will be of great help to AIIAS students who cannot enter the Philippines from other countries at this time. Although this modality does not require the physical presence of students on the AIIAS campus, new students are highly encouraged to come to the campus as soon as it becomes possible, as the learning experience is greatly enhanced by the additional academic and social supports available on campus. Please note that students accepted to the PhD programs are expected to move to the AIIAS campus as soon as entry to the Philippines is open to them.


With this decision, AIIAS looks forward to taking the skills and experiences of the past year relating to online study, service and mission, and extending those skills and practices in creative and rewarding ways for the 2021-2022 school year. For information on applying to study at AIIAS, please find the admissions page here:


In addition to the virtual face-to-face classes, AIIAS Online continues to offer masters-level programs in asynchronous format for those who prefer a more flexible format or who want the ability to choose their own study times. AIIAS Online information can be found here:


The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has strictly imposed No Face-to-Face Classes for all colleges and universities, in Region IV of the Philippines, where AIIAS is located, until further notice. For students planning to arrive and study at the AIIAS campus from any location, please coordinate your arrival and visa information with the Admissions Office at


With this decision, AIIAS reaffirms its dedication to its mission and goals, which may be found at We look forward to continuing to realize our mission as a Seventh-day Adventist graduate institution as we expand our reach in the coming year.


Ginger Ketting-Weller

AIIAS President

July 26, 2021

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