AIIAS First Term 2020-2021 Classes to Meet Online

AIIAS classes for the 2020-2021 school year will begin on August 10 as scheduled but will be delivered via distributed learning modality for the first term, which ends on October 7. 

On June 30 the governor of Cavite province, where the AIIAS campus is located, announced that General Community Quarantine (GCQ) will continue. As of the date this news release is posted, this means that AIIAS cannot open the library for in-library student study, allow gatherings of over 10 people, or teach face-to-face classes. Additionally, travel to and away from campus continues to be significantly limited. Finally, the Council on Higher Education of the Philippines has announced that higher education institutions may start in August, but must use “flexible learning,” rather than customary face-to-face approaches.

Synchronous online delivery of classes will remain in effect until face-to-face classes are permitted by the government to meet again. However, it is recommended that full-time students travel to the AIIAS campus once it is practically and safely possible since the campus provides a conducive, protected study environment where students can focus on their studies, and where the best support and resources are available. By the end of August, the administration will post an announcement regarding the modality that will be used during Term B of the 1st Semester (Oct. 14 to Dec. 15).

AIIAS welcomes each of its new students to their programs, knowing that God is sending them for an important, life-changing educational experience. 

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