Announcement Regarding Academic Year 2022-2023

Classes for the academic year 2022-2023 for fully vaccinated on-campus students will be offered face-to-face (F2F) starting August 8. Due to some extenuating circumstances, during the first semester some courses may still be provided through the virtual F2F modality (i.e., predominantly synchronous) over the internet or in a blended modality. The virtual F2F or blended modality may be available by special arrangement for students transitioning to AIIAS; please contact the program director to request arrangements.

Please consult the travel regulations to the Philippines in preparation for your arrival (e.g., All students are encouraged to arrive on campus as soon as possible unless studying in the full-time online programs. 

AIIAS campus provides a conducive study environment where students can focus on their studies and where the best support and full physical library resources are available. These are just a few significant benefits of studying on the AIIAS campus full-time. As you plan, remember to coordinate your arrival and visa information with the Admissions Office via  

If pandemic effects and circumstances force AIIAS to change this plan, the VPAA office will inform the AIIAS community as soon as possible.

[This announcement was updated on July 29, 2022]

Ricardo A. Gonzalez, PhD
Interim VP for Academic Administration

July 28, 2022


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