Dean of AIIAS Graduate School, Danny Rantung, Called to Serve in Indonesia

Dr. Danny Ivan Rantung, dean of the AIIAS Graduate School, has accepted a call to Universitas Klabat in Indonesia where he will serve as the university president beginning December 2021.


Rantung has served as the dean of the graduate school since June 2019. He has been especially appreciated for empowering the chairpersons and professors of the graduate school in achieving many of their goals. During his time at AIIAS, Rantung provided key leadership as part of the team developing the AIIAS strategic plan, and additionally was able to streamline some of the decision-making processes of the graduate school.


Rantung’s denominational service started in Indonesia (1996-2009), and then focused on Thailand and Singapore (2010-2016). In the last two decades he served church institutions in various capacities as dean, union mission education director, division associate education director, vice president for academic administration, and university president. Just prior to joining AIIAS, he served as the president of Asia Pacific International University in Thailand (2016-2019).


“The AIIAS community is strong and caring,” says Rantung. “Everyone is committed to serving the AIIAS’ mission,” Reflecting on his experience at AIIAS during the peak of the pandemic, he says, “I can only thank God for His leading to our family and to AIIAS.” Referring to Bible verses from 1 Chronicles 16:34 and 1 Thessalonians 5:18, which center on giving thanks to the Lord for his love and goodness throughout life’s circumstances, Rantung concludes, “I trust that God will continue to bless AIIAS.”


Rantung came to AIIAS with his wife, Nouke, who has served as a receptionist and receiving cashier. During a staff farewell, Ellen Brofas, finance office controller, expressed tribute to Nouke Rantung, “Working in the office without you will be different. We will miss a wonderful colleague like you. Remember that wherever you go, know that you’ve got a place in our hearts. God bless you and your family.”


“Thank you for your cheerful, capable service as the front desk face of AIIAS in the mornings,” said Ginger Ketting-Weller, president of AIIAS. “It has been a joy to see your enthusiasm for life. I want to honor your commitment, Nouke, to care for your mother in these years. It is an important work of God caring for one’s aging parents. May the good Lord strengthen you for the tasks and the joys of this time,” remarked Ginger Ketting-Weller, president of AIIAS.


Dr. Bryan Sumendap, AIIAS vice president for student services, expressed gratitude to Dr. Danny Rantung: “Thank you for the opportunity to work together. We are sad to see you go, but this is a part of the blessings of being in this great Adventist movement—we move everywhere. May God bless you in your new responsibility at Universitas Klabat, and may you continue to be a blessing.” Dr. Ketting-Weller added appreciative words for Dr. Danny by saying, “Your wisdom, your kind spirit, your strategic thinking, and your gentle way of moving people in a better direction and thus enhancing distinctively Adventist graduate education, have all been such a blessing here at AIIAS.”


Rantung concludes his work with AIIAS effective December 10, 2021, when he and his wife Nouke, will settle at Universitas Klabat.


Tuhan memberkati, Dr. and Mrs. Rantung!

Dr. and Mrs. Rantung with daughter Celine
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