Elder Ted Wilson: “Be a Leader Who Dreams Big”

Adventist World Church President, Elder Ted Wilson, encourages the AIIAS family to become dreamers.


In a virtual chapel on Sunday, Elder Wilson said that a leader for God in times of uncertainty, “must be a dreamer for God and be ready to go into the pit for God”.

Elder Wilson and his wife Nancy greeted AIIAS personnel and students from their quarantine quarters in Manila, Philippines. It was initially planned to have a face-to-face meeting, but extended travel restrictions changed those plans.


Drawing lessons from the Biblical character of Joseph and alluding to the challenges that leader often faces, Elder Wilson said that a leader should be ready to be thrown into a pit.


“Don’t get upset. Rest your case with God. The Lord is with you and He has plans for you”, said Elder Wilson. He drew a parallel describing how Joseph went down into the pit two times, yet continued to keep his fidelity before God.


“A leader must understand their role in what God wishes them to do in the end-time, focused in their mission, and consecrated to the true purpose of who they are.”


Elder Wilson also pointed out that a leader for God is not someone who stands in a corner and does nothing. “Go, and make influence,” he encouraged. “Be a leader of activity and competence.”


The chapel meeting, a virtual gathering of the AIIAS family carried an informal, family tone. “Like a gathering with our favorite uncle,” said AIIAS president Ginger Ketting-Weller with a smile. She and Dr. Jim Weller, AIIAS Academy principal, took the Wilsons and chapel attendees on a video tour highlighting the new AIIAS Academy high school building.

In a surprise announcement, it was revealed that the Wilsons have identified a window of time to visit the AIIAS campus briefly, in person, later this week.


Appreciation goes to the student association leaders for organizing the chapel event.

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