Olaotse and Chandapiwe Gabasiane Accept Call to Move to Adventist University of Africa, in Kenya

After serving at the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS) for six years, Olaotse and Chandapiwe (Betty) Gabasiane have departed to fill a long-vacant missiologist position at the Adventist University of Africa (AUA) in Nairobi, Kenya, beginning March 2024.


Olaotse Gabasiane came to the Philippines in 2018 to serve as an assistant professor of Applied Theology at the AIIAS Theological Seminary. He later became the program director of the Master of Arts in Ministry program and an associate editor for the Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary (JAAS).


Gabasiane’s expertise in missiology and his leadership skills have enriched the seminary. AIIAS Applied Theology Department Chairperson Pavel Zubkov says: “We will remember Dr. Olaotse for his fervent, unceasing prayers for all of us. He added skills in leadership and business ethics to our department. We will remember his organizing expertise and how he handled interpersonal communications in a gracious and professional manner. We will greatly miss his pastoral prayer and wisdom in the department’s business. May God bless him in that new place as He blessed him in AIIAS, and even more.”


Olaotse’s wife, “Betty” Chandapiwa Gabasiane, has served as an assistant counselor and teacher at AIIAS Academy (AA). “Ma’am Betty,” as the AIIAS Academy students and teachers refer to her, joined us as our school’s assistant counselor. She was soon counseling our students, some of their parents, and some of the graduate-level students,” notes AA Principal Jim Weller appreciatively. “When the pandemic drove us online, she began assisting the kindergarten teacher, an assignment she kept even after the national quarantine ended. We will miss her laughter, warmth, and playfulness.”


“I thank Dr. Olaotse Gabasiane for his commitment and support to our institution and for his dedicated work in looking out for the academic success of our students,” says AIIAS Seminary Dean Ricardo González. “I also appreciate his interactions with the faculty at large. His past administrative experience in Botswana has contributed to advancing AIIAS Seminary’s mission. I thank God for the time Dr. Gabasiane and his wife have served at our institution. May God continue to bless Dr. Gabasiane in his next stop in God’s service.”


The Gabasianes enjoyed serving at AIIAS because of the international setting. This move to Kenya marks a significant transition for the couple as they fulfill their desire to move closer to their family in Botswana.


Gabasiane shared that he will miss guiding students with their research at the Master’s and doctoral levels. “AIIAS is a very unique place, as is its community,” he observes. “Continue to be a close-knit community filled with God’s love and compassion. For AIIAS, let us continue serving God diligently and effectively, that being our ultimate goal. AIIAS will always be home to us!”


As they embark on a new chapter of their journey, AIIAS wishes the Gabasianes continued success and fulfillment in their endeavors. Their contributions to the mission of AIIAS will be well-remembered.

— Sharnie Love Zamora, AIIAS Assistant for Institutional Writing


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