First Semester On-Campus Classes Continue Virtually Until October 2021

AIIAS classes for Term A of 1st Semester (i.e., August 9 to October 6, 2021) for our on-campus students will continue to be offered through Virtual F2F classes (i.e., predominantly synchronous learning) over the internet until at least October 2021. This modality does not require the physical presence of students on the AIIAS campus. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has continued to strictly impose a No Face-to-Face classes for all colleges and universities, in Region IV of the Philippines where AIIAS is located, until further notice. No change is expected in this approach until October 2021 or later. 

On-campus students, who are not currently residing at AIIAS, are encouraged to come to the AIIAS campus as soon as practically possible. The campus provides a conducive study environment where students can focus on their studies, and where the best support and physical library resources are available. Remember to coordinate your arrival and visa information with the Admissions Office at

Thank you for taking note that Virtual F2F classes for on-campus students will be extended until October 2021. AIIAS commits to providing notices on the teaching modality for each Term giving 2 months lead time. Expect the next announcement sometime in the first half of August 2021.

Dolf Oberholster, PhD
VP for Academic Administration

May 30, 2021


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