International Students Encouraged to Travel to Campus as the Philippines Opens its Borders

AIIAS international students (main campus program) should make arrangements to move to the AIIAS campus as soon as possible to prepare for the May 30 resumption of in-person classes.


The Philippine government recently announced that fully-vaccinated foreign travelers from ALL countries will be allowed to enter the country beginning April 1. AIIAS looks forward to welcoming new and returning campus students for the inter-semester which begins May 30, followed by the 2022-2023 school year, which begins August 8, 2022.


Under the new government protocols, foreign travelers are allowed to enter the country after complying with immigration entry, applicable visa requirements, and “acceptable proof of vaccination”. Children below the age of 12 are considered exempted from these guidelines, provided that they are traveling with their fully-vaccinated parents.


The full list of requirements for entry can be found here.


As communicated by the AIIAS administration in February, the current school year’s classes are continuing to be delivered online through May 20. AIIAS recently received approval for limited reopening of face-to-face instruction. In cases where all students are present, a few classes and cohorts have already begun meeting in person, following minimum health standards. Additionally, the library is open for all fully vaccinated students.


“AIIAS is resuming pre-pandemic programmatic modalities beginning with the inter-semester, under the “new normal” as defined by the Philippine government,” says AIIAS President Ginger Ketting-Weller. “‘Flexibility’ is the word to guide the inter-semester. Faculty are alert to the needs of their students and may for a time adjust their teaching modalities class by class so as to best meet the needs of all, as we make the transition. But by August we plan to be back fully to our traditional in-person teaching modalities.”


Students planning to travel to the Philippines and study at the AIIAS campus may direct queries to the Student Services Office. Arrival and visa information should be coordinated with the Admissions Office.


As the transition is underway, AIIAS also reminds prospective students that AIIAS Online continues to offer masters-level programs and the PhD in Education in asynchronous format for those who prefer a more flexible format, giving students the ability to choose their study schedule.

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