Looking Back to Move Forward: Week of Prayer 2021

The AIIAS community was once again blessed by a full week of powerful thought-provoking messages from Pastor Adam Ramdin. His topics focused on practical lessons from the biblical past that continue to guide us today. The messages encouraged the community to continue to boldly seek the Lord in faith—no matter what—as He calls us to serve in His ministry.


“Sometimes, God wants us to experience one step back for us to advance two steps forward,” reminds Ramdin. “God is not a God to negotiate when it comes to what He is asking us to do. Be faithful where God’s called us.”


Pastor Adam Ramdin is the youth department director of the North England Conference in the Trans-European Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He was an evangelist for Amazing Facts for several years and accepted a call to return to England where he was born and had the privilege of serving the church in various capacities. He is the producer of the Lineage Journey, a multi-faceted educational tool that explores the Adventist’s spiritual heritage, showing the connection between the past and the present.


“God does not ask us to seek humility so he can give us more responsibility and greater fame,” Ramdin continues. “God asks us to seek humility and seek faithfulness above anything else.”


The week of prayer was held from March 28 to April 3, 2021, and was hosted via Zoom and was aired live on the AIIAS page on Facebook and the AIIAS Media Channel on YouTube.  The featured comments below by AIIAS alumni, students, faculty, and staff, were taken from the live stream sessions, also accessible below. 

“Let God do the calling!” — Bryan Sumendap


“Praise God for those humbling lessons in our life” — Elena Gold Prakash

“The powerful message [helped me] to realize that our uniqueness that comes with responsibilities.” — Cung Thluai


“God allows us to take one step backward so that He can take us two steps forward. Great insight!” — Anasa Tabua

“There is no impossibility with God!” — Legesse Dana


“I will go, God. No strings attached.” — Ryan J. Martinez

“Total 3S: Sacrifice, Surrender, Submission.” — Istiarti Sarempaa


“Let us not make a negotiated, partial, selfish sacrifice. Jesus made the total sacrifice for me and you. What sacrifice are we bringing to the Lord? Yes, to obey is better than holding back sacrifice.” — Samuel Gaikwad

“It is encouraging to me that God did not turn from Moses and choose someone else. He can use ANYONE, and our sense of who is appropriate is not a great predictor of who God chooses.” — Ginger Ketting-Weller

“That’s true. That’s also the reason why those who choose others for God’s ministry do so prayerfully–guided by God.” — Prema Gaikwad


“This is a good chance to learn the difference of true sacrifice, wrong sacrifice, negotiated sacrifice, and selfish sacrifice.” — Shuhua Zhao


“I will go where He may lead me!” — Carol Kingston

“Yes, indeed, God has been guiding us all along.” — Brent Sylvester


“The legacy we have today comes from a blood-stained path. Praise God for the wonderful message.” — Mary Grace de Guzman



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