Remembering Dr. Rolando Itin’s Lifetime of Service and Faith

AIIAS is saddened to announce that former AIIAS president Dr. Rolando A. Itin passed away in Argentina at the age of 92 on January 17, 2024.


Itin was born in Brazil in 1932 and later moved to Argentina, where he contributed throughout his life to the spiritual and educational growth of the community. His calling as a pastor set the stage for his missionary service in Adventist institutions in Argentina, Chile, the Philippines, and various parts of Asia. After being trained in his early years as a mining engineer in northern Argentina, Itin worked at River Plate College (now River Plate University) both as a teacher and as registrar. He also taught math and science at the high school, maintaining his lifelong interest in paleontology and writing the first book on the intersection of faith and science in Argentina.

Dr. Itin’s leadership left an indelible mark on the development of AIIAS’ infrastructure as it physically transitioned from Puting Kahoy to the new campus on Aguinaldo Highway. These were the early years of the establishment of AIIAS as an approved international institution. During his time in leadership, AIIAS began offering the Education Specialist (EdS) and PhD programs in Educational Administration, and held the first doctoral class.


Dr. Itin’s academic and administrative tenure at AIIAS was cut short as he was called to serve as the leader of Mountain View College in November 1992. Itin never said “no” to a call from the church. When he was called to AIIAS, he accepted. When, after less than two years, he was moved to MVC, he accepted.


Rolando and Gladys Itin always invited students into their home wherever they went. They housed many students free of charge to help them finish school. Additionally, they were involved in many community and church activities. In retirement, he continued to contribute to the church by translating a Bible study guide, a project he worked on for two decades. Despite his health challenges, his unwavering presence and support for the church have inspired many to remain steadfast and to grow spiritually. In a recent interview with River Plate Adventist University (Universidad Adventista del Plata), Itin shared his firm belief that the mission of individuals is to serve the Lord, and he urged the current generation to live a life of service.


Rolando Itin was loved and respected by those who worked with him. As news of his death was announced, the tributes poured in. “It was an honor and a privilege to know him.”  “Pastor and dear friend, who has left each of us inspiration and an example to follow.”  “I always enjoyed being in Dr. Itin’s presence. He was accessible, kind, and caring—always willing to serve, give advice, do a favor, or share a bit of wisdom.”


AIIAS extends our sincere condolences at this difficult time to Gladys Itin, and to the Itins’ daughter, Nilde Itin, who served as our former registrar, as well as the rest of the family. We are inspired as we reflect on the life of Dr. Itin, who modeled the message that life’s beauty shines brightest when guided by a sense of purpose and faith.


Cover photo credit: Roberto Bernal


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