The 15 Advantages of an AIIAS Seminary Student

If you’re looking for a place to study your master’s or doctorate in applied theology, biblical studies, systematic theology, or church history, listen to my list of 15 advantages you have as a student in the AIIAS seminary.

  1. COST-BENEFIT. The first thing you want to consider before making your choice of a university is the cost-benefit. I can assure you that in this aspect, you will not find a university like AIIAS.
    • Accredited GC Institution. We are an institution maintained by the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist church and our degrees have high standards. We are also recognized Internationally by AAA and the Association for Theological Education in Southeast Asia.
    • Multiple Modalities. Many of our programs are online and through cohorts, which means you can continue working in your career while advancing your degree.
  2. SCHOLARSHIPS. Many of our seminary students are sponsored by their employers, others are self-supporting, and most of them have financial assistance through the AIIAS scholarships.
  3. AIIAS LIBRARY. Theology students have access to the available rich resources in the AIIAS library. This is one of the best libraries in the whole of southeast Asia and students from many other universities come here to do research.
  4. COMFORTABLE HOUSING. The apartments for students are furnished and rented at a reasonable cost, so your family will feel comfortable and happy.
  5. ENGLISH CENTER. Now, if your English is not good enough, don’t worry!  We have a good English school on campus, right here, with skillful teachers who can help you to get ready to start studying in our Seminary.
  6. HEALTH SECURITY. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the main losses, but students living on campus feel safe as we follow strict protocols. We also have a medical doctor on campus available for any urgency.
  7. SAFE ENVIRONMENT. Our beautiful campus is secured 24 hours and your children are safe to play and walk freely under your guidance.
  8. NEW HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING. We have a brand new and beautiful academy building with experienced and loving teachers. Your children will love meeting classmates from all over the world.
  9. MUSIC. If you like music, this is the place to come. Music flourishes on campus through the AIIAS orchestra, ensemble, choirs, and singing groups. Worshipping is a transcendent experience at the AIIAS church.
  10. MARKET & STORE. You don’t need to go off campus to buy your fresh fruits and vegetables. We have a market and store to serve you right here.
  11. KINGFISHER GARDEN. We produce delicious vegetables free of chemicals right on campus in our kingfisher garden. AIIAS’ location is excellent.
  12. STRATEGIC LOCATION. Just nearby there are many good things to do and places to visit, like malls, supermarkets, restaurants, parks, zoos, golf clubs, beaches diving centers, hiking, and biking tracks. You will love it!
  13. ALUMNI GLOBAL REACH. AIIAS alumni serve the church everywhere around the globe. In places such as the General Conference, universities, ADRA, hospitals, and you can be one of them.
  14. CULTURAL DIVERSITY. Experiencing cultural diversity is the most rewarding advantage you’ll have as a student in the AIIAS Seminary. You’ll be discussing theology with scholars from all over the world and you will identify yourself with very different people. You can even be part of one of the 11 communities on campus and improve your cross-cultural and linguistic skills. Our faculty in the Seminary come from 15 different nationalities. Just imagine that!
  15. SPIRITUALITY. Our main goal in the AIIAS seminary is to strengthen your faith and sharpen your biblical understanding so that you can grow spiritually and embrace a new sense of Mission.

You know, for many years we have been training mission-driven leaders in a holistic multicultural and collaborative approach to learning. While I’m talking, I’m holding this book, it’s the Holy Bible because this is the source of our wisdom which motivates us to serve God. So, what are you waiting for? Apply today!

Master of Divinity (MDiv)
The Master of Divinity is a professional degree designed to prepare and upgrade pastors, Bible workers, and chaplains.
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Master of Arts in Church Ministry (MA-CM)
The MACM is a professional degree program designed for people who plan to enter or upgrade in pastoral ministry.
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Master of Arts in Ministry (MA-Min)
The MA-Min Intercultural Studies is a missiological degree focusing on training church pastors and leaders to minister in the 10/40 Window. It is offered via cohort.
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Begin your journey to become a student at AIIAS and submit your application for admission today.