Change of Status from Visitor Visa to Scholar Visa

All international students will need to obtain a 47(a)2 Scholar Visa to study at AIIAS. However, since applying for it prior to your arrival is expensive and time-consuming, you are advised to come on a 9A Visitor’s Visa, which is valid for a 59-day stay in the Philippines. This visa is obtained at the Philippine Embassy in your respective country of origin or residence. Upon your arrival, the Student Services Office (SSO) will help to process the change status from the 9(a) Visitor’s Visa to a 47(a)2 Scholar Visa. For this purpose, the admission to AIIAS must be completed immediately after arrival, so that the passport can be submitted to the Office of the Student Services for visa processing. 

However, some nationals are allowed to enter the Philippines without visas for a stay not exceeding twenty-one (21) days, provided they hold valid tickets for their return journey to port of origin or the next port of destination. In another words, upon arrival at the Manila airport, these nationals will be given an EO-21 visa status in the country. Should you decide on this option, you can expect to spend additional visa extension fee.

Students are advised to contact the Philippine Embassy or your travel agent if in doubt. Please visit this website of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines.

Separate Visa for Children age 18 and Above

For immigration purposes, students must present the following documents as applicable:

1. Students and their dependents’ passports with at least 12 months validity.

2. Original copy of Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificates of their dependents.

3. At least five copies, each certified as a true copy with an official English translation, should be attached to every original if the certificates are not in English.

Students’ children aged 18 or above will not be covered under their parents’ 47(a)2 Scholar Visa. They need to contact the school or college where they intend to study. The college will have to apply for a separate visa for them.

Coming to AIIAS

After obtaining the visa, you are ready to come to AIIAS. On the other hand, you should make sure that your accommodation is being arranged for by the Student Services Office. The earliest time you can come is indicated on the 9A visitor’s visa you receive. Make sure you do not come later than the date stated on your visitor’s visa, and yet keep in mind that you should come about one week before classes begin.