Why We Should Study Theology?

I’d like to share with you important ideas about why we should study theology. Why is the study of theology important? 

It is a good starting point that we should have a good definition of what is theology. The term theology comes from the two Greek words, theos which is God and logos which is study or reason which means, theology is a study of the word of God or the study of the nature and attribute of God as revealed in the scriptures in a sense that scripture is a revelation about God.


That is why I agree with Alister McGrath when he said that theology is saying about God and Christian theology is talking about God in a Christian way. For this reason, it is important for us to study theology because our idea of what is God comes from our theological understanding and even though we adhere to the principle of sola scriptura and the principle that we take our knowledge about God from the scriptures, it is inevitable that we do theology in a sense that knowingly or unknowingly we interpret the data we read from the scriptures.


This is again because whether we like it or not although we accept that the bible is self-interpreting, many texts are not plainly read or there is no plain reading of a single text in many ways. And that is why it is important for us to consider the theological or the interpretation of the text. Again, we must study theology it is not whether we are doing theology or not but, it is whether we are doing correct good or bad theology.


And that is why whenever we think or talk or say something about God inevitably we are doing theology. Take for example the passage that says “there is one god,” there are many theologies that come out from this passage. Some would say the text says there is one god means god is unipersonal while others believe that even though the statement says there is one god this one god is multi-personal or tri-personal.


Another example is that we find or hear sayings like “there is nothing impossible with god” yes there is nothing possible with God, what does it mean? Another passage says God can do everything, God is sovereign, and He is in control, does it mean that God controls everything? And so much of this understanding or interpretation comes from our theological understanding. That is why I would reiterate it is very important for us to study theology because in studying theology we will be able to come to terms and establish the correct sources of our theology, the methods we use in doing theology and also the interpretations we arrive at by doing correct biblical theology.


That is why once again I would reiterate that it is really important for us to study theology because whether we like it or not, we are doing theology. This is why we need to study so that we can be sure that we are doing correct biblical theology.


Much of what we conclude, much of what we understand and believe, affect our way of life, our way of thinking, our way of living or our actions and so therefore these are all products of our doing theology. That is why we must be sure that when we do theology it is aligned with what the Scriptures say and align with the methods and principles of interpretation in arriving at a correct interpretation. That is why theology is very important in our day-to-day life.


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