Education Department

Photo of Leni Casimiro PhD
Education Department Chair; Director of AIIAS Online; Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
Photo of Hesell Delfin MEM
Instructor Librarian, Educational Management
Photo of Gabriela Alina Dumitrescu PhD
Director for English Center; Assistant Professor of Academic Writing and Educational Psychology
Photo of Megumi Sol Flores MLIS/MA Educ.
Associate Librarian, Instructor of Library Administration
Photo of Lyra Ilagan MLIS
Instructor Librarian, Academic Library
Photo of Ginger Ketting-Weller PhD
President; Associate Professor of Education
Photo of Raimond Luntungan PhD Candidate
Academic Advisor for MBA and MSA; Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology, Information Systems, and Management
Photo of Jim C Weller PhD
Academy Principal; Assistant Professor of School Leadership