AIIAS Seminary Hosts Annual Theological Forum on the Book of Psalms

The AIIAS Seminary hosted the 25th AIIAS Annual Theological Forum, which was attended by 440 pastors, laymen, and administrators to participate in the three-day event held on November 11-13, 2022, at AIIAS, Lalaan I, Silang, Cavite.


The forum’s theme, “Reading the Psalms: Songs of Struggle, Hope and Promise” explored and focused on the fascinating book of Psalms from biblical, historical, practical, and missiological perspectives.


Dr. Jiri Moskala, professor of Old Testament Exegesis and Theology, and dean of Andrews University Theological Seminary and Dr. Martin Klingbeil, professor of Biblical Studies and Ancient Near Eastern Studies from Southern Adventist University, presented in two sets of plenary sessions. Moskala presented “The Quest and the Meaning of Life (Psalm 73)” and “The Gospel in a Nutshell: Power of Forgiveness (Psalm 32:1-2),” while Klingbeil presented “The Imprecatory Psalms from a Theological and Pastoral Perspective” and “As the Deer Pants for the Water…’ (Psalm 42:1): An Image of Longing for God’s Presence in the Psalms and Its Reflection in Recent Archaeology.”


A number of AIIAS students and professors moderated and even presented in the breakout sessions. During the concurrent sessions, there was a mix of online and in-person presentations. Attendees were primarily pastors and professors from Adventist institutions around the Philippines and ministers from countries within the Southern Asia-Pacific Division and the South Pacific Division.


Forum coordinator and seminary faculty member Donny Chrissutianto expressed his satisfaction with the event, stating, “I noticed that this 25th AIIAS Theological Forum is the best in the last four years since I was entrusted to lead this forum. I think the success factor in this forum is based on my team’s support and cooperation and the support from different elements in the AIIAS administration. Even though there is always a challenge in an event like this, if we have a committed and trusted team, every problem can be handled. But the most important factor is God’s providence.” 


The forum concluded with a sermon by Dr. Richard Sabuin, the associate director of education of the Seventh-day Adventist Church world headquarters in Maryland, USA. His message was taken from the book of Psalms chapter 23 entitled “The Lord is My Shepherd”. He highlighted David’s journey from being a shepherd boy to becoming a king. After presenting David’s metaphors describing who God is, Sabuin concluded his message by saying that the Lord, being our Shepherd, will always be with us in any circumstances.


Attendees found the forum to be an informative and intriguing experience, with PhD in Religion student Jean-Claude Rukundo stating, “The presentations have caused the desire to want to learn more. They acted as a stimulus suscitating the desire to study and learn more about the book of Psalms”.


Uriel Jesferdil Ingod, a junior year theology student at Mountain View College, praised the forum, saying, “It’s been an honor to be here. It is one of the best experiences because we have met some big-time professors from around the world.”


The next Theological Forum will be held on November 9-11, 2023. Updates of the event will be posted in our social media channels.


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