Stephen R. Guptill Re-elected as AIIAS President

The AIIAS Board elected incumbent AIIAS president Stephen R. Guptill to another five-year term on Thursday, May 5.


Members of the board who are in a quinquennium session, voted in favor of welcoming him back to leadership.


Other members of the administrative team re-elected yesterday was Dolf Oberholster, vice president for academic administration; Bryan Sumendap, vice president for student services; Jorge Montero, vice president for finance (who is yet to start working for AIIAS soon);  Ricardo González, dean of theological seminary; and, William Green, dean of graduate school.


Ella Simmons, chairperson of the AIIAS Board and vice president of the Seventh-day Adventist world church announced these board actions during the board banquet in AIIAS, before board members, faculty and staff.


By: Bruce Sumendap

AIIAS Public Relations Director


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